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2105 al basc

It's been a long time since I made an 'orange' wine, a white wine with extended skin contact. My experimentations with Albariño in 2015 led to this expression of the grape: seven (7) months of skins, seeds, stems and juice in contact with one another! 

During his visit here, Eric Texier had suggested to us to extend the contact time to longer than just the fermentation. It appears that one month (or two) gives a very rough wine, but 5 or 6 months produces wines with much smoother structures. So, of course, I had to try this out. 

We whole cluster fermented a small bin of Albariño until "dryness", then transferred everything to a small 80 gallon Flextank (aka "the modern amphora"). There, the wine (and the skins and the seeds and the stems) sat. 

Occasionally we would sneak a taste. At one month it was pretty fierce. At two months more so. At about six months the wine was really showing well, with incredible flavors and it showed present, but supporting, tannins. At 7 months we decided "it'll never get better than this"* and bottled it, without added sulfites. We bottle aged it several additional months before deciding to release it now.

The wine is amazingly fresh feeling, with aromas of pear skin, pepper and apricot. Quite fruit-filled in the mouth (pear, apricot, quince). Ends on a tannic note, with more pepper and some dried fruit flavors. Try the “al basc”** with richer dishes, salads with fresh herbs, maybe even with a less sweet than usual dessert. How long will it keep?  Probably forever, or at least nearly so. 

24 cases made. 13.4% alc.

$28 per bottle. Limited availability!  A 20% discount will be applied on purchases of 12 bottles or more (mixed cases ok). Applicable sales tax and shipping costs not included in the price.

*this is very common in winemaking.

** The name “al basc” came about by accident. I had written AL BASC on the tank, in a rushed-cuz-it's-harvest sort of handwriting. I had meant to write ALBA SC (ALBAriño Skin Contact). Penmanship was never a strong point for any rate, the AL BASC kind of stuck. After checking with some arabic-speaking friends to determine that it, in fact, means nothing at all, we decided to go with it.

2015 Jambalaia Blanc

Composed of fruit from a variety of soils here in El Dorado County, this year's version is quite perfumed, with the Viognier showing prominently. Very floral and with a hint of peach on the nose, and maybe a touch of nori. Nicely balanced fruit and acidity on the palate, with a subtle richness (full spontaneous malo-lactic). 

The finish is very southern Rhône-like, full of minerals and fruit flavors and juicy acidity. Pair it with richer foods over the winter, then with lighter fare in the springtime. It's a very versatile wine. It should age nicely for several years (the '11s are quite good right now). 

244 cases made. Whole cluster pressed and tank fermented. Aged on the lees until bottling,10 months later, with 15ppm SO2. 13.2% alc.

$20 per bottle. A 20% discount will be applied on purchases of 12 bottles or more (mixed cases ok). Applicable sales tax and shipping costs not included in the price.

2015 FNA (Fiano)

2014's bizarro combination of Fiano and Arneis was really fun (especially if you gave it some bottle age), and we were looking forward to doing it again in 2015. Mother Nature had other plans, however, and she gave us a stretch of poor weather right when the Arneis was flowering. The crop was so light we debated on whether or not to even bother picking it (we did - all 200 lbs of it - and it ended up in the Jambalaia Blanc). The Fiano crop was light, too, but there was enough to work with - almost 80 gallons! 

So the 2015 FNA is “all F, no A”, as it were...but a great chance to explore what Fiano can do on high elevation volcanic soils in California's Sierra Foothills. 

The wine shows chalky lemon peel aromas and flavors, with pointed acidity, wonderful mouthfeel, and that very appealing touch of bitterness in the finish which I love from Italian wines. It is a wonderful food wine right now, will work with a variety of dishes over the holidays, and I suspect that it will 
develop more complexity with some bottle time. It will be fun to revisit this in the Spring, assuming any of us have any left then! 

31 cases made. Whole cluster pressed, tank aged on the lees and bottled with 15ppm SO2. 14.1% alc.

$28 per bottle. Limited availability!   A 20% discount will be applied on purchases of 12 bottles or more (mixed cases ok). Applicable sales tax and shipping costs not included in the price.

a few bottles remain...
2015 Jambalaia Rouge

59% Mourvedre, 21% Marsanne, 15% Grenache and 5% Syrah.  

With this vintage of the Jambalaia I feel we have gained some finesse and are getting closer to the vineyard's identity. It often takes me a few years to figure out what a vineyard has to say, and this wonderful little plot of mourvedre, grenache and marsanne on volcanic loam soil is no different. It is just a matter of finding each grape variety's sweet spot for a particular site.  Sounds easy, yes, but once you add in vintage differences, crop loads, ripening curves...well, it does get a little complex.  Each year is unique, and it takes a bit of experience with a site in order to read the tea leaves, as it were.  But I think I am getting closer here. 

The Grenache suffered from shatter this year, so yields were way down, but the Mourvedre seemed very happy. We added a touch of Syrah into the blend to make up for the lighter Grenache harvest.

Last year's vintage was a touch tannic for my tastes, at least for near-term drinking, but this year the emphasis is once again on juicy red and blue fruit, mouthwatering acidity, and a touch of tannic backbone.  The wine is absolutely delicious now, and should continue to drink well for several years. We like to serve it with grilled meats and vegetables, and any foods with a bit of spice / heat.  Like a jambalaya!  And don't forget it drinks really nicely with a slight chill, especially on a hot day.

500 cases made.  11.7% alcohol. Screwtop closure.

$20 per bottle. A 20% discount will be applied on purchases of 12 bottles or more (mixed cases ok). Applicable sales tax and shipping costs not included in the price.

2014 Priscilla 

"Are you lonely tonight?" Our 2014 Elvis was, so we made him a Priscilla...

When the King Fire disrupted our harvest plans in late 2014, we had already picked half of our Josephine+Mariposa blend.  We were feeling pretty good about that wine, too, as we had managed to get some of the small plot of Cinsault which grows in that vineyard to go along with our Grenache.  

A co-ferment of Grenache and Cinsault is a wonderful thing to smell. Quite lovely.

Then the King Fire struck, and we were unable to harvest the rest of the grapes for the Josephine+Mariposa blend.  We were left with a Josephine, but no Mariposa, so to speak.

We were a little upset, for a while, but then the beauty of this Grenache / Cinsault blend began to shine.  And our Priscilla was born.

84% Grenache and 16% Cinsault grown on yellow slate soils, whole cluster ambient yeast fermented for 5 days on the skins and aged entirely in Flextank for 16 months, without racking. A small amount (15ppm) of sulfites were added at bottling.

The wine shows wonderful floral aromas, a touch of lavender, and bright red fruits. Medium bodied, with just enough acid and tannin grip, and a long finish with those great mineral notes that Grenache shows so nicely when grown on rock.

A great companion to our more robust and darker-toned Elvis release.  A ying to Elvis' yang.

206 cases made.  14.4% alcohol. Screwtop closure.

$24 per bottle. A 20% discount will be applied on purchases of 12 bottles or more (mixed cases ok). Applicable sales tax and shipping costs not included in the price.


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