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Our wines are unfiltered and unfined, so please expect some sediment and/or haze in some of the wines.  It is not a sign that the wine is defective.  Please contact us if you think a bottle might be “bad” - we want to to be happy with your purchase - but remember that “I don’t like it” is not a reason for return.

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2013 Josephine + Mariposa

This year's bottling (70% Grenache and 30% Mourvedre) comes from the same vineyard as last year's, a knoll-top of brown loam soils sitting over yellow slate.  The vintage differences are, to me, quite apparent.  This vineyard seems to speak it's terroir very loudly, maybe more than other vineyards I work with.  Like in 2012, the wine is pretty up-front about itself, showing loads of earth in its aromatics and finish.  Unlike the '12s, the '13s seem much more complete and harmonious at this stage than the '12s. 

This is not to say that the 2013s will not age.  In fact, I'd say they will age as well as the seemingly “tougher” 2012s, and they are going to be more fun to drink over the short term.

For this harvest, we picked in three passes – the first pass was for most of the grenache, and the second (about 10 days later) was to finish the grenache at a slightly higher ripeness level.  We wanted to see how ripeness affected the expression of the terroir.  The answer?  This vineyard shows its terroir markers at both lower and higher ripeness levels, which will make subsequent picking decisions a little easier (hopefully).

The last pick was for the mourvedre, on September 16.  All three lots ended up being fermented separately, but combined in tank as they were pressed.  All lots were whole cluster fermented and no yeast or sulfur was added.  Aging was in a combination of tank and some large (158 gallon) neutral oak puncheons. The wine was racked twice, and a small dose of SO2 was added just before bottling.

Dark plum in color, the wine shows a compelling combo of tea leaf, candle wax and graphite in its aromas.  Dark fruits and an underlying chalky note (grenache from slate soils!) show up in the finish, along with a refreshing acidity.  It's quite agile on its feet for a wine this size.  Drink it now to experience its virility (give it an hour or so of air first); age it a bit to let the tannins resolve for a mellower take.  It pairs wonderfully now with heartier winter fare.

366 cases bottled.  Screwtop closure.  14.5% alcohol.

$28 per bottle.  A 20% discount will be applied on purchases of 12 bottles or more (mixed cases ok).  Applicable sales tax and shipping costs not included in the price.

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2013 Piedi Grandi

This blend of 55% Nebbiolo, 37% Mourvedre and 8% syrah may be the most “nebbiolo-ish” Piedi Grandi yet.  We've worked hard with the growers to bring more expressiveness to the nebbiolo via subtle changes in the viticulture.  I've also worked at finding the “sweet-spot” in its ripeness curve that will bring out all those wonderful aromatics of which the grape is capable.  This has meant learning the particular relationship between sugar levels, acidity levels and flavors.

We picked the nebbiolo just ahead of the mourvedre in 2013, so late in the context of the vintage, but early in a historical sense (mid-September).  Whole cluster fermented and without the addition of yeast nor SO2, the nebbiolo and mourvedre lots were combined in tank after pressing.  The syrah was added later to provide a bit of “something extra”.  It was aged entirely in tank to preserve its character and racked only once, just before bottling.  A small amount (15ppm) of SO2 was added then.

The wine shows really beautiful aromatics of flowers and stones.  It has a lovely, light plummy spiciness to its flavor, and finishes with a balanced combination of fresh acidity and tannins.

The Piedi Grandi has shown itself to be a quite versatile wine, able to pair with winter fare as well as warmer-weather dishes.  Drink now, or age it without worry.  Previous versions of the Piedi have developed quite nicely in bottle, deepening in flavor and spice (the 2011 is amazing right now).

161 cases produced.  Screwtop closure. 13.9% alcohol.

$27 per bottle. A 20% discount will be applied on purchases of 12 bottles or more (mixed cases ok).  Applicable sales tax and shipping costs not included in the price.

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2013 Syrah “sumu kaw”

Happy New Year from La Clarine Farm!

Our 2013 Syrah “sumu kaw” is our first release of the year, filled with dark fruit, herbs, smoke and meat, surrounded by balanced acidity and fine-grained tannins.  It is more restrained in tone than the exuberant 2012 (which earned a place in the San Francisco Chronicle's Top 100 of 2014 list), and I find it to be a bit more “classical”, at least in the European sense.  It also seems to be drinking well from the get-go, whereas the 2012 needed some time to come together a bit.

Harvest was earlier than in previous years – we picked the grapes in two passes on Sept 7 and Sept 14, with very minor differences in ripeness between the two picks, roughly 22 brix and 3.48pH.  The fermentation was again 100% whole cluster and foot-stomped.  No sulfur or yeasts were added.  The fermentation took off immediately and proceeded smoothly, and the wine was pressed off after about 10 days into tanks to finish.

After the winter, we racked the wine into neutral 600 liter puncheons, where it stayed until it was bottled (in late November 2014) directly from these puncheons, unfined and unfiltered and with only 15ppm sulfites added.  The final wine has 13.5% alcohol by volume. 

As mentioned above, the wine is a pure expression of the Sumu Kaw Vineyard's volcanic loam soils and environment, very aromatic and balanced.  It should age gracefully for at least the next 6 years (as far back as our syrah data points go) and beyond.  It pairs well with more robust, full-flavored foods.  It is, for us, a great winter-time wine, evoking food cooked over an open fire on a cold and dark snowy night, maybe after a nice hike through the hills...

326 cases made.  Screwtop closure. 

$26 per bottle. A 20% discount will be applied on purchases of 12 bottles or more (mixed cases ok).  Applicable sales tax and shipping costs not included in the price.

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